How do I know what type of blonde will suit me best?

How do I know what type of blonde will suit me best?

Want to go blonde but you aren't sure what shade will best suit your skin tone? We wrote an article about skin tone and hair shade here, but here it is summarised below:

To find your skin tone, turn to look at the veins in your wrists. If your wrists are green, your skin tone is warm. You will therefore look your best with warmer, golden blonde hair tones, like honey blonde, or a darker caramel blonde. 

If your veins are looking more blue or purple, then you have cooler undertones. For your skin tone, go for caramel highlights, or honey blonde. If you have grey or blue eyes and a cool undertone, then give ash blonde a go.

If you have darker skin, the rich caramel and amber blonde tones will suit you best.                         

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